Canine Services

The Juan Tabo Animal Clinic provides numerous services for our canine friends. 



We understand that sometimes your best friend may feel under the weather. For this, we do our best to see these cases same day if not next day. 


We encourage you to call us if your dog is vommitting multiple times, not keeping anything down or has diarrhea for more than 24 hours. 


If you feel your dog has injested something that is not recommended for injestion, we encourage you to call your local poison control and then call us for treatment based on their recommendations. 



Yearly examinations are recommended to all animals in our practice. 

Vaccinations such as Rabies, which is required by the State of New Mexico for all pets, as well as Distemper/Parvo (DA2PP) Vaccination which is highly recommended for all animals yearly. 


If you frequent areas such as the foothills, the river beds, go camping or hiking often, we would suggest that you place them on a heartworm preventative as well as a flea/tick deterent. Ask us about this at your next visit.


We also offer the rattlesnake vaccine as well as the canine influenza vaccine.


Yearly exams are about more than just vaccines, though. During a normal examination, we will talk to you about your pets overall health. What is he eating, and how much? How are his teeth? 


Did you know how important dental health is to your pet's overall life? Poor dental health can lead to so many other health problems.


We will also offer a preventative health panal which will tell us if your pet might be suffering from something that he can't tell you about such as high or low blood sugar, blood in his urine, or parasites. 


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