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Appointments: What you need to know

This last year has been a very trying time in our lives. The pandemic has effected the way we live our daily lives from going to the grocery store, to how we perform our jobs and of course, going to the doctor or taking our pet to the vet.

We are doing our absolute best to make sure that we make this as pleasent and informational as possible so that you know that your pet is receiving nothing but excellent care.


Scheduling an appointment.

This can be done in several ways!

1. You can call us at 505-298-6761 and speak with us directly

2. You can email us at the


The night before your appointment, you will receive two emails. One will be instructions on how the appointment flow will go and the second one will be a pdf document in which in preparation, you can fill in to better help us understand your pet's current healthcare needs.


As of Tuesday, June 1st, we will be welcoming cleints back into the building with their pets.

While we are so excited to welcome you back and see your faces again, we do have some protocols that must be followed.


- Only one client allowed inside with their pet, must be over the age of 18 , with the exception of euthanasia, where we will allow two clients, over the age of 18.

-All clients must be wearing their masks correctly, covering nose and mouth, regardless of vaccination status. 

-If you are running more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, we ask that you reschedule your appointment. It does take time to prepare for the enxt appointment and we want to make sure that every client and patient get the best care possible. Each appointment has a designated amount of time which includes cleaning and preparing the room for you and your pet. 

-IF we need to run diagnostic testing, you may be asked to return to your vehicle while we complete those tests.

-Surgical or exam drop offs or pick ups, food or prescription medications will remain curbside.

-If you choose to not come in the building, that is okay! we will continue with our prior protocols. It is always your choice!


The New Flow:


-You will arrive before or at your appointment time, and still call to check in for your appointment. We will take pertinent information from you including your parking location and cell phone number.

- A technician, when available, will call you and tell you to meet them at the front door with your pet.

-We will take your temperature, offer hand sanitizer and then escort you to an exam room.

-When the exam is completed, you will be doing all check out in the room with your designated staff.

-You will be escorted out of the exit door when your check out is completed.


We ask that you be patient with our staff as we navigate welcoming clients back in the building while keeping you and them safe. No protocols or rules above have any sort of leeway. If you have an issue with the protocols or the rules, not wear your mask correctly or disrespect our staff or veterinarians in any way, you will be asked to leave the building immediately.


We are truly looking forward to having the face to face contact with you again as the communication barriers have been challenging.


Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.




Practice Manager



Side note: Please be kind to our staff. We are doing our absolute best during this trying time. Sometimes complications may arise that may delay your pet's appointment or you may have had a question that did not get answered. We will do our absolute best to make sure that all of your needs are met.


If you have any concerns or questions, you can reach out to Kassandra, our manager, for anything. She can be reached at 505-298-6761 or by email at




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